Quotes from Chairmen

David Cole, CFO
"The Professional Board Forum lived up to its name, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet professional, NED-ready women. The Simulated Board Meeting provided an effective opportunity for the participants to share their personatilities, insights and knowledge with the Chairmen."

Thomas Meyer
Country Managing Director, Accenture Switzerland
"Accenture is a great believer in diversity at all levels and the Professional Boards Forum provides an important diversity arena for Swiss companies."

1Alexandre Zeller
Chairman, SIX Group
"One of the most interesting board events in Europe. It provides you with the unique opportunity to meet a very high number of very capable female Board Member candidates. I strongly believe that gender balanced boards help directors make better thought-through decisions."

Ulf Berg
Chairman, EMS Chemie Holding AG
It was really a worthwhile event – mainly because Elin has selected simplicity as the overarching principle. Simple things are the highest intellectual forms! I enjoyed it very much.


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